Drinking Time – R.W.

The first time
In a long time
I’ve been free
Even to sit
Have a pint in the sun
With my friend
That 5 minutes
Half an hour
To ourselves
Where I’m neither working
Nor sleeping
Time to enjoy
Time to be happy
Me Time 

Rest Days – R.W.

Sitting on day 8 of 9
Of this work week
Reminds me of a friend of mine
Ex colleague
From another industry
In another time
He said to me
Legally its a day off every 11 days
And boy do you get to know it here
A long way feels longer
The closer to the end you get
For the days off
To not quite be long enough
To rest recover
And for things for yourself 

Working – R.W.

On the wrong side of 6am
No longer running on sleep
Or energy
But will power alone
Driving into work
As the sun rises through mist
Sleep in the eyes of a city
Yet to wake up
Not quite rubbed out into daylight 

Isolation – R.W.

As my days off dwindle and disappear
A day that start with two calling in
Track and trace has told them
That now they must isolate
Rota written
Rewritten and reversed
As more call
With their news also
Each re writing gets crossed out
As another adds to hours we’ll cover
Clear there’s been a nightout
Somewhere we weren’t invited
The better to be left out 

Quitting – R.W.

I don’t want to do this anymore
It starts as a feeling in my chest
Tight and knotted like a ball
Pounding against the inside of my forehead
Thumping with my heart
I don’t want to do this anymore
The urge to uproot
Move on
Just to pull out all my strings
And try to make for something new
I don’t want to do this anymore
I don’t want to do this forever
There are big plans
Grand plans
But they’re not ready yet
I’m not ready yet
I need to hold on until the right time
I don’t want to do this anymore 

The First Day – R.W.

Today was the first day
A day that never gets easier
Filled with the unknown
Taking a step forwards
And leaving the past behind

This first day
I’ve done 3 times this past year
Each time paired with a closing
A finish
Packing up my work
Preparing it to lay dormant
For some months again
Until I can return to it
On that first day
The first of many
A hopeful future broods

Toddler – R.W.

Do you remember me?
With your big blue eyes
And scruffy tufts of hair
Bigger now than last I saw you
At only a few weeks old
Now you’ve caught curiosity
And take it with you every where you go
Do you remember me?
I held you when you were small
Cradled you in my arms
And told you how much I’d love you
Do you remember me?
That person who didn’t stick around
When they really should have

As A Friend – R.W.

As a friend
You say
As a friend
I count you close
Never too far away
Not out of grasp
Of my finger tips
Nor passing in the nights
Just like silent sailing ships
As a friend
Your opinion matters
As a friend
You pick up the pieces
When I find myself in tatters
As a friend
I say
Atleast today
You’ve not been there
When it matters

Cloud – R.W.

Do you know
How soft I feel
Gentle and warm
Wrapped in a cloud
Except not a cloud
This is much cosier than a cloud
Pyjamas and blanket soft on my skin
Fresh out the shower
After the longest of weeks
The softeness a cloud
Could only dream of
Of the content I feel right now
As I dose watching the sun dance
Outside my window