The stranger- R.W.

The stranger
An older gentleman
On the Monday evening
In chilly November
Walks the student streets
Litter picking
Care for community
And environment alike
The stranger
Who doesn’t look
Like he lives here
Makes a space
Nicer for everyone 

Quantify Love – R.W.

I don’t think love is an absolute emotion

We’re having a text debate

You’re mad at yourself

Telling me you can’t love

Your current man enough

Because you still care for the last one

I don’t think you have X amount of love to give

Nor do you have to give a single person

A certain amount

To me love is the care you reserve for that person

You love your mum

Without not having enough love to give your dad also

I think you can love as many people as you want to

Toy Dog – R.W.

Every so often

My father in law

Steels away a weekend

With his girlfriend

A precious few days

Just the two of them

When they do this

We get the dog

A tiny toy thing

Beautiful and sweet

That fits in the palm of your hand

But for such a little dog

She takes up space

In attention and room

Wind – R.W.

Hit full in the face
Like a baseball bat
Only made of wind
Caught with my windows down
In the storm
That’s come in from sea
Lashings of rain
A beating of air .
The tress shudder and shake
Everything a force they’re unfamiliar with 

After Glow – R.W.

A virus

Tore through the streets

Ripped to ruin

Cantina, bar and cafe


Over grown relic of despair

Plants retake the streets

A sense of gloom and loneliness

Just there

As the people creep back

Unsure how to take this brave new world

Little by little

The wildness is kept at bay

A new sign here

A lick if paint there


The lights lit up

Warmth in the chill of the September sky 

Alive again 

With the souls of party goers

The glow of hope

Rests in the background

Promises to my future child – R.W.

I will not hold you
To the standard I set myself
Nor treat you like a fix
To the faults I find in me
Your life is your own
Your soul to nurture and grow
My honour to watch
The expectations
Of what you do with you life
Your calling
Your friends
Your habits
Will all be yours
Yours to determine yourself
I promise not to live vicariously through you
Nor accomplish challenges I never set myself
You won’t be me
And I won’t expect you to be 

An ode to valley’s girls – R.W.

What is it about valleys girls?

Ancient cities

Built where the water flows down to

The centre point

A sun with its rays

Spears jot down

Increasing in value

Until you reach

The rich head of the city

Out in the valleys

Homes with

Little money

Yet an endless amount of love

No one cares as deeply as a valleys girl

No one loves you like they do

Dolling up for their weekends in the city

Girls girls

Your best friend you just met drunk in a bathroom stall

Whatever it is about valleys girls

You could learn something

Lockdown 2.0 – R.W.

Were on the verge

Of lockdown 2.0

It’s been announced

And the countdown is on

6pm Friday

Once again the world shuts down

This week is why bother week

Most are at home

Safe in their beds

And home office’s

A few like me

Wander the usually packed park

The weeping skies

Deepening the autumn colours

Yellows and browns punctuating

The still lush green

It’s never this quiet here

The cities most used green space

A tranquility

Hearing the ducks quack

And the pitter patter

Of rain drops in the trees

A change is coming

Even nature feels it

Saturday Morning on the Cycle Path – R.W


I tell myself

You’ll feel better 

I tell myself

Against the grain

After the Friday night bar close

Tired already

Let alone the fight against the wind

A stream of people pass me

The girl who looks like she runs to post sweaty selfies

The middle aged man trying to get fitter as age and lifestyle catch up

The soldier, or so I presume, everything square and uniform from his hair through expression to movement, precise and determined he presses on

It seems everyone comes here

On a Saturday morning

For the same reason as me

Maybe I’m not so special after all

Emerging From COVID – R.W

Times are tough

But they’re getting easier

Unprecedented in these modern times

A curfew


Don’t touch

Don’t leave the house

Essential trips only

Now its easing

We’re allowed out

Within reason

And my heart fills with joy

For these days are getting better