Away Days – R.W.

Sat on my own in a spoons
A few years ago, I could think of nothing worse
A few months ago, I’d have been terrified of the idea
But faced with interacting with strangers
That aren’t even strange
People I know on the off hand
Not well enough to keep up
Not well enough to fill in
On the dramatic swings my life takes
At every given turn
I’d rather sit on my own
In a crowded bar
Alone with my own thoughts
Surrounded by strangers’ conversations to keep
My busy brain from running circles round itself

Something New Looking Back – R.W.

I left a piece of my heart there
I don’t know why
And I wasn’t planning it when I chose to go
There’s a piece of my heart on that tiny town in the cornish coast
A place full of my people
Get the good and the bad
But it’s all good fun
There’s a piece of my heart there
Tugging like an elastic band,
Pulling me back
I don’t know if I’ll make it
But I really wish I could

Something New During – R.W.

I was scares of going
Stepping into the unknown

The reality
Once forced upon me
Was an awakening

About what I am missing
What I used to have

Slotting into
A group of people
I’ve never met

They know everyone I do
And gossip about ones I don’t

A week that could of
Should of
Been so lonely

Passing easily,
With the passage of new friends

Ones I didn’t ask for
But in reality
I can’t help but adore

Something New Before – R.W.

I’m so worried about going
Diving deep into this great unknown
Something I’ve done before
But not like this
Never like this
I’m there to work
Not just for the jolly
Or to see the sights
Exciting though it would be
Somewhere I’ve not been
People I haven’t yet known
Something new
Something unknown

Out of Control – R.W.

There’s so many mixed emotions
I wouldn’t know where to start
To try to commit them to page
I don’t know what the theme
Of this passage will turn out to be
As I pick apart
The twisted strings
Of thoughts in side my head
It starts with a nice bloke
A genuinely good guy
And it ends with a panic attack
Caused by more questions than answers
No control over what’s overcoming me
Taking over
And sweeping me away with the tide
But it’s not the ocean
Take what we know
And factor in what we don’t
The result is mostly OK
But okay at best
And who wants to be just okay
The good and the bad
Tipping a scale
Until they’re so wrapped up in each other
That it’s not a scale
It’s yarn
Course hard bristly garden twine
Knotted and twisted
Some places it’s unravelled
No longer a string at all
Just it’s constitute elements
A fibre
That doesn’t know it’s supposed to be a string
So asks more questions
That the string can’t answer
Not all at once
Not fix everything that’s come undone
That’s when the panic sets in

Lateness – R.W.

I can’t speed this bit up
Standing on the platform
Waiting for the train
That’s already here
To shut it’s doors and move on
To let in the next one
Let me on
Let me hurry home
For my busy schedule

Travel – R.W.

A faff these days
Lose a whole day these days
From all the faff
I don’t mind going
Dare I say I enjoy it
I just don’t like
That for a few hours entertainment
I can easily spend 12 hours out the house
Nothing done
Returning to the same dirty laundry
Dirty dishes
That I left when I went out
There’s no one to do the washing
When we’re all busy faffing

Cardcadium Rythym – R.W.

The circadian rhythm
Beats hyper vigilance
Into the near dark
Driving into the city
At this time of year
At this time of day
Raises the sun
From its sleeping dormancy
To light windows
Never noticed before
Bounce back
In new illumination
The start of a new year
The dawn of a new day

International Travel – R.W.

I miss Paris
Getting lost on the metro
With no help for my poor French
The fake pleasantvile
Of the town by the resort
A place where no one actually lives
Just designed to look that way

I miss sleeping in an airport in Greece
Flight cancelled twice
With no update when we’d get home
Tired hungover and running low on charge
A pile of us and our unchecked in luggage
Snoozing through the tropical storms outside

I miss landing in Spain
The friend who said she’d pick us up from the airport
Having left voicemails
While our phones were on aeroplane mode
Called into work
And left without a lift
Trying to find our way on the local buses
We’d done no research for
As they weren’t part of the plan

I miss my friends picking me up
In old ibiza Town
When the night went a bit far
One got arrested
The other drove the car
A misunderstanding
A world apart now

I miss getting a different train
On the Stockholm metro
Having to wait at the next
Art piece of a station
As our phones didn’t work
That far underground
Hope my friends would guess where I went

I miss more than anything
The freedom to travel
Adventures abroad
The good and the bad
I miss International travel