Purple – R.W.

White paneled walls
Of the under pass traffic
Filtered into one lane
For no clear reason
Everything reflecting red
Closed lane, brakes pulled
Everything in red
Bouncing off the plastic touch tunnel
Until the tone turns purple
Then blue
The ambulance comes into view
And the accident is apparent

Commuter City – R.W.

Commuter cardiff
Is one of my least favourite things
Too many people
In too many cars
Too close together
No time to breathe
No space to enter
No time to leave
Sunlight ruining
My bleary vision
Driving with glasses
Even on the dullest days
As my eyes struggle to adjust
To the early light of
The driving mundane

Movie – R.W.

The drive home feels like a movie
A movie im not quite in
But I’m not quite watching either
Sliding by in back ground noise
Pitter patter of rain
The car windshield
Doubling as the TV screen
An immovable plate
Between me and everything
I’m watching unfold

Driving Home – R.W.

I like the drive home
The fast road route
Empty late at night
On my own by the time I finish
Solitary but pretty
Even at rush hour
Less tedious
Than the shorter alternative
Stopping every 10 meters
For another set of traffic lights
A clear run home
A home run
Easy driving
I especially like it at the moment
They’ve closed the fast road
Through the bay
And to my junction
But no further
You can’t reach the motorway
Passing the pretty waterfront houses
And the urban beauty of the road works
Then filtered off
Into the home stretch
No other destination available
Just home
You can’t get anywhere else
On this road for the time being
So it becomes mine
All mine
For my lovely drive home