Sunset – R.W.

Pales into blue white
Frozen in the sky
A dusty back drop to the winter world below

In seeps orange and gold
Setting fire to the cold
A creep and a glow

Bursting into
Blinding splendor
As the roar peaks through the trees

The trees themselves
Spindly silhouettes
Limbs reach for the warmth of the cold sun

A charcoal drawing
Matt and cold

The First Christmas Party For Two Years – R.W.

I came in drunk again today
Picked up from the wind battered station
Smile plastered on my face
A giddy joy in some parts alcohol
Some parts the freedom of being allowed out the house
Pleased you’d come all this way
Not a physically long journey
But the effort of peeling you away
From your beloved game
Just to get me home safe
I was pleased to see you all the same
More than anything I need wee
You tease me on the way home
Although I’m still glad you came
Laugh as you make a hissing sound
Drop me at the door while you leave to park
As I let myself in and stagger upstairs
Aged by my full bladder
Back bent
The best wee I have ever been for
Before I crawl back into bed
Cold but content as I snuggle under the covers
A haven in my home
Its been a good day
We’ll have many more of these
Once again

The Long Haul – R.W.

My face is fresh
Pretty almost
Aside the bags my eyes are tired
Of taking with them everywhere I go
Fundamentally clean curls frame
The soft skin of my weary features
Softened by the tiredness swelling
Each muscles required to force a smile
Not quite together
Neither slick nor styled
This might be the best
You can get from me
Without an extended rest

Burn Out – R.W.

Burn out biting at my heels
Chasing just close enough
To nibble my little toes
Trying to out pace
Stride shortened by the damage
My feet have sustained
Worn down by time
And hard work
Burnout biting at my knees
Strapped to support
Closer now
Nearly enough
To topple me
Stop to rest
And there it will be
A sharp short knock
To the knee it’s wearing down
Collapse face first
Not enough strength
To keep going 

Thunderstorm – R.W.

I don’t like the sounds
Of your drink laced voices
Trickling upstream
Following the change in pressure
Upstairs from down
An argument brewing
Too different views
You call it healthy discussion
It sounds to me
The precursor to the storm
Raised voices and harsher tone
The closeness of the air
Before the weather breaks
And replaces muggy uncomfort
With the bitter sweet relief
Of the thunderstorm 

Cemetery – R.W.

I went for a stroll round the cemetery today
Following the tracks and paths
That let you drive right up to your loved ones side
Where they lay uniformly
Everyone facing the same way
The signs at the entrance tell you how every spot
Has its own headstone and lawn
A pillow and blanket to take with you
As you lay with your new found friends
Watching over the valley bellow

Quitting – R.W.

I don’t want to do this anymore
It starts as a feeling in my chest
Tight and knotted like a ball
Pounding against the inside of my forehead
Thumping with my heart
I don’t want to do this anymore
The urge to uproot
Move on
Just to pull out all my strings
And try to make for something new
I don’t want to do this anymore
I don’t want to do this forever
There are big plans
Grand plans
But they’re not ready yet
I’m not ready yet
I need to hold on until the right time
I don’t want to do this anymore¬†

Toddler – R.W.

Do you remember me?
With your big blue eyes
And scruffy tufts of hair
Bigger now than last I saw you
At only a few weeks old
Now you’ve caught curiosity
And take it with you every where you go
Do you remember me?
I held you when you were small
Cradled you in my arms
And told you how much I’d love you
Do you remember me?
That person who didn’t stick around
When they really should have

As A Friend – R.W.

As a friend
You say
As a friend
I count you close
Never too far away
Not out of grasp
Of my finger tips
Nor passing in the nights
Just like silent sailing ships
As a friend
Your opinion matters
As a friend
You pick up the pieces
When I find myself in tatters
As a friend
I say
Atleast today
You’ve not been there
When it matters

Cloud – R.W.

Do you know
How soft I feel
Gentle and warm
Wrapped in a cloud
Except not a cloud
This is much cosier than a cloud
Pyjamas and blanket soft on my skin
Fresh out the shower
After the longest of weeks
The softeness a cloud
Could only dream of
Of the content I feel right now
As I dose watching the sun dance
Outside my window