Me, The 12 Year Old Manager – R.W.

I don’t want to talk about my promotion
Or how well the new team are settling in
I want to talk about the woman
Who screamed at me across the bar
Like the toddler she described me as
When I told her no
No more alcohol for you
Do you know how old I am
As though reaching 70 makes you immune
From the possibility of being drunk
The woman who swore
And stomped her feet
Exclaiming I knew nothing about drunk people
Not my getting on for 10 years in the industry
Not ever seen a drunk person me
The woman who got her husband
To threaten us with violence
Try to fight the bouncers
From another bar
That I had to borrow to extract them
Remove them from a place
Where they were doing my team
And my business harm
The woman who left me no choice
But to call the police to remove her
Because like the toddler she described me as
She couldn’t take no

Sunset – R.W.

Pales into blue white
Frozen in the sky
A dusty back drop to the winter world below

In seeps orange and gold
Setting fire to the cold
A creep and a glow

Bursting into
Blinding splendor
As the roar peaks through the trees

The trees themselves
Spindly silhouettes
Limbs reach for the warmth of the cold sun

A charcoal drawing
Matt and cold

Chosen Family – R.W.

I know I’m not family
At least not quite
Not yet
But I live here
I live with them
Blood may be thicker than water
But the original phrase
Puts it the other way
The relationships you forge
Stronger than those forced upon you
I don’t want a say
Just to be included
A part
Because I’m sure
The love I have for them
I think
Is just as strong as yours 

Evidence Of The Beach – R.W.

Arriving home i wash the evidence of the day off my skin
Lest it annoy me in the morning
While I was still out, in it and living and breathing it
The smoothness of my sand buffed feet
And the odour of wood smoke clinging to my hair
The salt wind whipped skin of my face
Red where I’d caught the sun
All reminders of a happy place, a happy time
But tomorrow they’ll just be memories
And dirt in my bed sheets
I’ll clean it now while the love is still fresh
Stop it before it turns sour
And preserve the perfect day 

The Long Haul – R.W.

My face is fresh
Pretty almost
Aside the bags my eyes are tired
Of taking with them everywhere I go
Fundamentally clean curls frame
The soft skin of my weary features
Softened by the tiredness swelling
Each muscles required to force a smile
Not quite together
Neither slick nor styled
This might be the best
You can get from me
Without an extended rest

Privileged – R.W.

Maybe I sit up here with my privilege
Unknown what I’ve been afforded
That others may never know
Maybe I squandered it the first time round
That thing that seemed so simple
Obvious to me
Maybe losing everything
Was the best thing to ever happen to me
But even then
I never really lost everything
Just a few big things
I was nieve enough to believe
That me they would never leave

Cemetery – R.W.

I went for a stroll round the cemetery today
Following the tracks and paths
That let you drive right up to your loved ones side
Where they lay uniformly
Everyone facing the same way
The signs at the entrance tell you how every spot
Has its own headstone and lawn
A pillow and blanket to take with you
As you lay with your new found friends
Watching over the valley bellow

Comfort Zone – R.W.

Anxiety for an event upcoming
Worked up in my brain
As the requirement to take me out of my comfort zone
Not only remove me from my bolt holes
Safe spaces
But to gift them to someone else
Wrapped with a bow and told to make it their own
Its called the comfort zone for a reason
The space in which I can be myself
Now I have to pretend
Hold myself uptight
Painted bright
No cracks no flakes
No misses and no brakes
To be someone else for the event
Soneone who can deal with these feelings
Doesn’t mind the unknown
Someone who isn’t me

Working – R.W.

On the wrong side of 6am
No longer running on sleep
Or energy
But will power alone
Driving into work
As the sun rises through mist
Sleep in the eyes of a city
Yet to wake up
Not quite rubbed out into daylight