Where To Turn? – R.W.

I’m not sober but I’m awake so that’s a win.

I stopped having feelings or opinions a couple of weeks ago
Around the time when things got super weird. 
Out of control
Out of my control
Never thought I’d see the day
I stopped fighting
I stopped fighting for the guys.
I can’t even advocate for me right now let alone them.
How am I supposed to lead when I’m losing ?
Everything, every day

They ask me where I go when I don’t know the answers
To stuff knowing I don’t get on with the people I’m supposed to trust.
And I don’t have an answer because its technically them
They don’t want to go to them, and I’d normally just ask you.
You’re so far away
You’ve got your whole own life
And I’m just here
Not fighting anymore

The House Where The Devil Lives – R.W.

Our eyes make contact
As you glance through the holes in the fence
I see the look in your eye
Before you see me
Who would leave a house like this
To over run like that
Then you catch me
Stood watching
The birds and the bees
As they enjoy the meadow grass garden
I know from the way you look away
You’ve heard it all
Know who lives here
In this house
With the garden returned to the wild
Because I haven’t been seen
Not really witnessed
In these parts
For some years now
Just a rumour
I stopped being scary
Some time ago
As memory fades
The house where the devil lived
Is now a run down cottage
By the water
Fading into fairytale
Over taken by time

Commuter City – R.W.

Commuter cardiff
Is one of my least favourite things
Too many people
In too many cars
Too close together
No time to breathe
No space to enter
No time to leave
Sunlight ruining
My bleary vision
Driving with glasses
Even on the dullest days
As my eyes struggle to adjust
To the early light of
The driving mundane

Something New Before – R.W.

I’m so worried about going
Diving deep into this great unknown
Something I’ve done before
But not like this
Never like this
I’m there to work
Not just for the jolly
Or to see the sights
Exciting though it would be
Somewhere I’ve not been
People I haven’t yet known
Something new
Something unknown

Movie – R.W.

The drive home feels like a movie
A movie im not quite in
But I’m not quite watching either
Sliding by in back ground noise
Pitter patter of rain
The car windshield
Doubling as the TV screen
An immovable plate
Between me and everything
I’m watching unfold

Off My Meds – R.W.

I’m off my meds again
Not because I should be
Or want to be
No doctors made this opinion
They don’t have the chance
The gate keeping receptionist
Won’t let them see me for the cyst that’s bursting on my leg
Let alone a prescription request
For the 3rd consecutive month
Where I have been unable to get my repeat
For the 8 months I have before I’m due my next review
If its not not being able to have the repeat to put in
It’s a lost pill packet
Somewhere behind the pharmacy desk
Or a pharmacist that’s out sick for the week
So no meds for me
I’m off my meds again
Because I have neither the will power
Or the time
To chase it every month

Tomorrow – R.W.

Tomorrow’s a day
A new thing
Good thing
The new day and the new opportunity
Nervousness settles in my bones
What will it be like?
What if I don’t like it?
But I don’t know that yet
Tomorrow’s the day
I find it all out

We Do This Well – R.W.

It comes and goes
We know what this does
Waves of people
Your rotas look heavy
Where will all these people
Fit behind the bar
Yet the on lookers remark
How efficient this is
Served within a few minutes
Unlike the other bars in the city
Supposedly branded just for this
But we do it better
We do everything better
Shift from something more complex
To this easy service
That makes us more money
So we can have more people here
Than the average Saturday
This we do well