Girls Trip – R.W.

We don’t take the boys on these trips
Us girls
We’re hard as the rocks around us
Tough as the pick axe
That breaks the ice
We’re not doing it to prove a point
We want this
To be here
Doing this
Seeing this
Ice caves and glaciers
There’s no room
For the fragility
Of masculinity
When they think we’re too cold
Or the days been too tough
We don’t need them to insist
We go home
Sit by the fire
We’re as determined as those glaciers
Carving our own path into this landscape

Something New Before – R.W.

I’m so worried about going
Diving deep into this great unknown
Something I’ve done before
But not like this
Never like this
I’m there to work
Not just for the jolly
Or to see the sights
Exciting though it would be
Somewhere I’ve not been
People I haven’t yet known
Something new
Something unknown

Travel – R.W.

A faff these days
Lose a whole day these days
From all the faff
I don’t mind going
Dare I say I enjoy it
I just don’t like
That for a few hours entertainment
I can easily spend 12 hours out the house
Nothing done
Returning to the same dirty laundry
Dirty dishes
That I left when I went out
There’s no one to do the washing
When we’re all busy faffing

International Travel – R.W.

I miss Paris
Getting lost on the metro
With no help for my poor French
The fake pleasantvile
Of the town by the resort
A place where no one actually lives
Just designed to look that way

I miss sleeping in an airport in Greece
Flight cancelled twice
With no update when we’d get home
Tired hungover and running low on charge
A pile of us and our unchecked in luggage
Snoozing through the tropical storms outside

I miss landing in Spain
The friend who said she’d pick us up from the airport
Having left voicemails
While our phones were on aeroplane mode
Called into work
And left without a lift
Trying to find our way on the local buses
We’d done no research for
As they weren’t part of the plan

I miss my friends picking me up
In old ibiza Town
When the night went a bit far
One got arrested
The other drove the car
A misunderstanding
A world apart now

I miss getting a different train
On the Stockholm metro
Having to wait at the next
Art piece of a station
As our phones didn’t work
That far underground
Hope my friends would guess where I went

I miss more than anything
The freedom to travel
Adventures abroad
The good and the bad
I miss International travel