Chosen Family – R.W.

I know I’m not family
At least not quite
Not yet
But I live here
I live with them
Blood may be thicker than water
But the original phrase
Puts it the other way
The relationships you forge
Stronger than those forced upon you
I don’t want a say
Just to be included
A part
Because I’m sure
The love I have for them
I think
Is just as strong as yours 

The First Christmas Party For Two Years – R.W.

I came in drunk again today
Picked up from the wind battered station
Smile plastered on my face
A giddy joy in some parts alcohol
Some parts the freedom of being allowed out the house
Pleased you’d come all this way
Not a physically long journey
But the effort of peeling you away
From your beloved game
Just to get me home safe
I was pleased to see you all the same
More than anything I need wee
You tease me on the way home
Although I’m still glad you came
Laugh as you make a hissing sound
Drop me at the door while you leave to park
As I let myself in and stagger upstairs
Aged by my full bladder
Back bent
The best wee I have ever been for
Before I crawl back into bed
Cold but content as I snuggle under the covers
A haven in my home
Its been a good day
We’ll have many more of these
Once again

Restoring Balance – R.W.

I’m never going to be just one thing
Not scientist nor labourer
Philanthropist or artist
I don’t see why I couldn’t have everything
When me having more
Doesn’t take away from other people
My gain is not others loss
With hard work
And the right opportunities
Anyone could be anything
So rather than define myself
As just one thing
I’ll work hard
To be everything
So I can provide the opportunities
I had
To others that come after me
Open the doors
That could otherwise stay shut 

Overcommited – R.W.

We’re stood in the kitchen
Looking at the rota
Its Monday
But that doesn’t mean the start of the new week
Its no sleep but still get up and do admin day
Weekends are big for us
In a 24/7 industry
Stood beside me
You tell me how much you’ve got on
And you just can’t be working 6 days this week
Its come as one of the boys wants to swap
Hes not got child care that day
You tell me with everything going on
You just can’t commit
I’m holding my tongue
As the comment glazes over
How every waking moment
This past year
I haven’t been partying
Or living it up with family and friends
But studying
Staring at textbooks until my eyes cross
Full time balanced with full time
Our colleague had a baby
In the middle of a pandemic
Yet you’re the one with too much
To help

The Long Haul – R.W.

My face is fresh
Pretty almost
Aside the bags my eyes are tired
Of taking with them everywhere I go
Fundamentally clean curls frame
The soft skin of my weary features
Softened by the tiredness swelling
Each muscles required to force a smile
Not quite together
Neither slick nor styled
This might be the best
You can get from me
Without an extended rest

Neglect – R.W.

I haven’t written in a while
Part of me feels I neglected it
Another feels like I haven’t needed to
Take the pain or joy
From everyday
And store them somewhere else
Even for a little while
The days have been
Not mundane
But neither full of drama
Enough to keep me going
Without feeling out of control

Burn Out – R.W.

Burn out biting at my heels
Chasing just close enough
To nibble my little toes
Trying to out pace
Stride shortened by the damage
My feet have sustained
Worn down by time
And hard work
Burnout biting at my knees
Strapped to support
Closer now
Nearly enough
To topple me
Stop to rest
And there it will be
A sharp short knock
To the knee it’s wearing down
Collapse face first
Not enough strength
To keep going 

Privileged – R.W.

Maybe I sit up here with my privilege
Unknown what I’ve been afforded
That others may never know
Maybe I squandered it the first time round
That thing that seemed so simple
Obvious to me
Maybe losing everything
Was the best thing to ever happen to me
But even then
I never really lost everything
Just a few big things
I was nieve enough to believe
That me they would never leave

Downpour – R.W.

When it goes it slams
Door propped open in the wind
A danger dash
Not dressed for this
No shoes to claim
I don’t want to be locked out
Stuck out here in the rain
No easy return
To the safety of inside

Road Sweepee – R.W.

Dust machine
Grumbling guzzling garbage
As it heads straight towards me
Me in my its too early for this
I’m not awake enough for this
Comfort clothes
Great beast roars
As though it’s selected me
For its next home grown meal