The First Day – R.W.

Today was the first day
A day that never gets easier
Filled with the unknown
Taking a step forwards
And leaving the past behind

This first day
I’ve done 3 times this past year
Each time paired with a closing
A finish
Packing up my work
Preparing it to lay dormant
For some months again
Until I can return to it
On that first day
The first of many
A hopeful future broods

Cloud – R.W.

Do you know
How soft I feel
Gentle and warm
Wrapped in a cloud
Except not a cloud
This is much cosier than a cloud
Pyjamas and blanket soft on my skin
Fresh out the shower
After the longest of weeks
The softeness a cloud
Could only dream of
Of the content I feel right now
As I dose watching the sun dance
Outside my window

Bank Holiday – R.W.

My thoughts on the way into work
On the last day of the Bank Holiday
Flits between how good this ones been
Problem free
And how nice it must be
To be one of those
Only entitled to 25 days holiday
As you’re garunteed to have every one off
My 40 something hours
In the last 4 days alone
Mean this week
I’ve worked a full time job twice
Across the 7 days
Not once sitting out in the sun
Or brunching,  prosseco in hand
Here’s to those that don’t rest
Over the Bank Holidays
Celebrated by everyone else
Heres to those who keep us running
Sacrificing time for themselves

Hiking 5 – R.W.

When asked how todays hike was
Cathartic is the best description
I felt it in my soul
It wasn’t easy
And at times it wasn’t pleasant
Sweat dried like paint to our skin
By the whipping cold winds
That battered the mountain
From every side
Despite all this
It felt good
Good to be out and doing things
Good for the soul

Sympathy – R.W.

I’m trying out sympathy
Empathy even
Not my strong suit when it comes to you
Always ready to great me
With words drawn like swords
Cutting twice as deep as silver ever could
This time I try to listen
Attempt to understand
What can have gone so wrong
At your ripe age
That crawling back to where you came from
Becomes the only plan

Are You Genuine? – R.W.

Do you like who you are?
Every so often someone catches
A glimpse of the tattoos on the back of my legs
Sometimes they gasp, that’s so cool
More often they say, I don’t get it
Don’t get how people change
Depending who they’re with
The words say
Who are you,  when nobody’s watching?
What do you care about
What do you do
When no one else is there
To see you 

The Old House – R.W.

The house still stands
It still stands loud and proud
A treasure trove of someone else’s memories
Mixed with our own
The marks we made in the wall
Each summer as we grew
Still there lablled with our names
Hallways carpeted in a mustard carpet
The same one we left
Who knows what they’ve seen since
Some parts untouched
Feeling like they still might be ours
Others have changed
Evolved into something new
For someone new
All these things we knew
Belong to someone else now

Sea Salt – R.W.

I’m not the child with the salty skin
My hair no longer curls as it dries from the ocean
I see only the four shells sat on my bathroom windowsill
Not searching each day for a new treasure to add to the collection
Now I’m removed
From the beaches I grew up on
Sun soaked in summer
And wind whipped winters
I’m left with a longing
For a life I barely remember 

Hiking 3 – R.W.

It sounds about typical
That we’ve done it upside-down
Back to front
Even when the route is planned for us
We climbed the steep rise intended for decent
Stroll down the gentle incline
We should have found to start
Ahh the benefit of hindsight

Dream Home – R.W.

Waking up in a panic, a cold sweat
I wouldn’t call it a nightmare as such
Much closer to a dream
A viewing of the perfect home, imaginary
Look how I stretch out in this bath
The details on the farm house windows
A caveat, its half way across the country
We’ll make it work, says dream me
Dream you replies, but what of our friends, family and jobs
Let’s wait for your birthday
Deflated nearly a year away
Dream me wakes into real me
It doesn’t quite make sense
Any of it
But the disappointment still lingers, the feeling of loss just as real as it was in the dream